Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turning Data Into Information (Part 2)

Putting meaning to data is as important at getting it in the first place.

As we continue to work on and develop the data > information pathway for our clients, "information visualization" tools are becoming an increasingly fascinating passion around our offices.

For instance, in addition to the "how many people BE-Linked with each other", we're also now able to slice data so that our clients can mine for the most ROI-laden nuggets of information.

Plus, being the voracious researchers that we are, we've recently run across a fascinating tool developed by Jeff Clark from the company Neoformix. While the work they're making public is primarily focused on the Twitter Stream, their idea of data visualization and making information out of the stream is intriguing.

How is this pertinent to the events industry? Can you imagine the amount of information that goes wasted after any 3 day event? Who met whom? Who mattered to whom? Who engaged with whom? Which vendors are most popular? Which topics are most popular? Which parts of the event fell flat on its face? For all the BE-Linking going on, which generated opportunities and revenues? And on and on and on!

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