Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Events Play Increasingly Crucial Role in the Marketing Mix

We've known this for years, and as we've seen the growth of our events business caused in large part by cost structure and efficiencies, it's become clear that the events industry is being turned to more and more.

And now, we've got some evidence . . . turns out that in this report offered by the George P. Johnson company, Data shows decision-makers are turning to event marketing (also known as experiential marketing) to drive purchase behavior and deepen engagement.

In St. Louis, we're fortunate to have some of the top events company in the country, right in our own backyard. Companies like Promotion managing national campaigns for Fortune 100 clients (and we're talking about clients other than the brewery) have leveraged experiential marketing since their inception.

As BusyEvent continues to mature as a product and a company, it's cool to see that the industry is taking advantage of the types of tools that will help it to grow - creating opportunities, revenues and turning data into information.

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