Sunday, February 15, 2009

Event CRM - Making a Real Difference at Events

Legacy event management tools are complex, niche-focused, expensive and disconnected.

To run a modern event, meeting professionals have to oversee 3-5 companies supplying individual pieces or, manage the details using spreadsheets, post-it notes and an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails.

And it's time for that to stop.

Regardless of the approach, they lose valuable data and can never access actionable information until it’s too late to impact their event. Plus, the social networking tools being used aren't integrated into the overall event so that the one person you really want meet or learn from never crosses your path.

With BusyEvent, we're changing not only the face of the events industry, but the core of how events are run, managed, utilized and leveraged to create opportunity, connectedness and profit.

Learn more about the BusyEvent approach to events from our CEO, David Schenberg:

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