Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fixing the Problem - A Series On What's Going On & What Can Be Done

Fixing the Problem - Part 1 in a series on "What's Going On & What Can Be Done"

We're fortunate to have clients that are so forward thinking, that are true leaders in their field, that working with them stretches and pushes us.

So, during the past year, we've had a chance to observe and contribute to seminal ideas that we believe will have a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

In this 3 part series, we'll share some ideas, along with specific examples, of things our clients have done to improve their events from an operational, financial and engagement perspective, along with those things that are in process or development right now.

Part One: Taking a Proactive Approach
In Spring 2007, using the BusyEvent Event Management System, we helped one of our first clients run their event for 4,500 people… a global event with attendees from more than 70 countries.

As you can imagine, 2009’s global event brought serious concerns about participation, costs and engagement; specifically how to utilize and harness the power of social media. But, as is their typical process, he client locked in a date and began the planning process with us last year and are reaping the benefits of starting early, communicating actively and surrounding themselves with the best events talent they could find.

Rather than negotiate larger attrition percentages, we took a proactive approach to work with the hotel by reducing the rate a bit. We went further to work together on an incentive package for early birds that included hundreds of free room nights, free future stays, show tickets, suite upgrades and other fantastic reasons to book early.

By getting those who were pretty sure they were coming to book early and encourage others to join them, the results have been fantastic. Numbers are up 10% over the same time in 2007, limited seating education sessions are filling up and there’s a positive buzz about how the event has stepped up in quality this year. Because this event happens every two years it is vital to building relationships, sharing new ideas and supporting the employees in the field.

Events like this are happening every week and while the show must go on, there are new rules for how to run more cost effective events.

Utilizing the BusyEvent system, we are utilizing new ways to deliver events for 30-40% less while providing better information that drives valuable relationships. Taking advantage of the tools that we provide, BusyEvent technology is quickly becoming the silver bullet to running a serious event in need of a serious return on investment.

We encourage you to get proactive and even creative about your events. How ? We’re seeing the trends shift to those who are tired of complaining and anxious to make good things happen.

While face to face events are still the best way to meet people and do business, in Part 2 of "Fixing the Problem" we will explore how to help those company employees who couldn’t make it to this year's event.

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