Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Tradeshows . . . Where Good Leads Go To Die"

I almost fell out of my chair when a partner of ours said this yesterday.

We were discussing how event lead tracking works, or more accurately doesn't work, when he came up with this gem; and it's tragically accurate.

  1. Leads that are appropriate, but never get followed up on.

  2. Leads that are the wrong person, the wrong time or just wrong.

  3. A list of scanned attendees that only came to your booth for <<insert reason here, but not the one you wanted>>.

  4. The expense.

  5. The delays.

  6. The inefficiencies.

  7. The meaningless data.

  8. The different tools (swipe, scan, insert, write your name here).

  9. The inconsistencies . . . it goes on and on and on.

For all of the effort and poor results, it would almost be better to just collect business cards - if anyone carries them anymore.

Over the next several weeks, we will be publishing a series of white papers and articles in the business and event press that will outline the problem, the opportunity and our proposed solutions.

Viva leads . . . we're about to do something about that.

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